RBR Designs 817-939-1991 Wash on the Line
This home is decorated with different colors of white, and has numerous windows to let the sunlight in. However, the laundry room was darker and plain and with so many trips into the laundry room each day, this homeowner wanted something fun to look at. With the white palette of the home, we created three large windows in a watercolor type of effect. The windows look onto the grassy yard and watery blue sky. The left window shows the days wash out on the line while it blows in the slight breeze. The lone window on the right shows the beaten path to the second laundry line where baby clothes and a basket dry. The unique feature of this mural? This is located in my Gramma’s house, and the baby clothes on the line are replicas of my mother’s baby clothes that we found in a box. This painting means something different to the three different generations of women involved. To my Gramma, it shows the time of raising her daughter, and something created by her grand daughter. To my Momma, it shows clothing she only remembers in pictures. To the Artist, it is being a part of her mothers childhood and creating something that means so much to her Gramma. Artwork can be a pretty painting on the wall, but often, it has such a deeper meaning to us. Thank you for allowing me to do this for you Gramma!
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