RBR Designs 817-939-1991 Jewelry
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Wondering how the artist became interested in leather work? That is a very common question. Mandy Scott, the artist, believes that not only should everyone feel special, but why should we look like the rest of the country? Texas style (whether you live in Texas or not) is all about being unique to Texas, and leather is a great basis for this. She loves her cowboy boots, and could not find the right bracelet to wear with an outfit. Everything was too busy, or too plain. There was no happy medium, and she wanted something that would age well. Leather will constantly change over time. It molds to you and becomes completely yours, yet she could not find the perfect bracelet. So, she created her own. After a lot of research, trial and error and dyed fingers, she finished her first bracelet. She has come a long way since then, and learned what works best for the artist and also for the person wearing the piece and loves the compliments she receives when she wears her pieces. Lots of people notice and comment, ‘I just love that watch, I’ve never seen anything like it...’ Well, now you have seen it, and you know why she makes it. We hope you enjoy wearing your piece and receive compliments about each one.
Every piece is carefully hand crafted and will never be exactly like any other.
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